Pink Floral Lunas

  • Pink Floral Lunas

These Crescent Moon earrings featuring a peony and flora are 100% polymer clay. The details are all meticulously hand-painted with a micro paint brush then sealed to ensure longevity. They're hand-crafted from pearlescent clay, then polished to a high-shine finish, no resin, sealant or polish here! Polishing every piece is a labor of love but the payoff is worth it, a glorious shine that will never fade or yellow.

Polymer clay is a type of mouldable plastic that when handled and cured correctly is extremely durable and light weight. These earrings each weigh less than a US nickle, you won't feel them on your ears even after hours of wear!

Earring hooks are 14k gold-plated stainless steel, and come with silicone backings to keep them securely on your ears all day.

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